Active Players

AmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. Level
Platform names62,8593,52200121,072246
7 levels in the last week6493,3571,0094,3672853,6242853,624
30 levels in the last 30 days7803,0491,0674,4123403,1953403,195
1 level in the last week1,2113,0721,8543,7594583,4214583,421
4 levels in the last 30 days1,4602,7602,0063,7185792,9405792,940
1 level in the last 30 days1,7552,5222,2833,5286692,7846692,784
no levels in the last 30 days78,5642689,3581,3739,0377599,037759
opted out30,5592425,0811,5714,0929154,092915

People only turn up if they have a raid shared to world chat or if their platform username is added here.

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