Void Queen Anastis

Also known as Void Queen

Detailed data of the Raid number 45430739.

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Void Queen

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Shared 2018-05-30 16:41
Summoner Gulielmus
Health 576.784t/845.000t
Difficulty Nightmare
Members 25/250
Types Magical Creature, Underground, Shadow Elf


  • Veil Dust
    The veil is filled with all manner of magical plants and wildlife. The fey folk have spent generations refining these materials in a variety of powerful tonics and poisons to bring down even the largest of foes.
    Each attack by any raid member has a 10% chance to inflict 300% bonus damage; Extra 50% if you own Veil Dust; Extra 50% if you own Fey Flame; Extra 1% damage for each unique Magical Being Troop and General owned; Extra 400% against Magical Creature raids
  • A Light in the Darkness
    “When all hope is lost, always look for that final spark in the darkness. It appears in our most dire hour to deliver us from the shadow.”
    Attacks by any raid member have a 7% chance to deal 40% damage; Extra 15% damage for each Underground Essence owned; Extra 600% damage against Underground raids
  • Heaven's Kiss
    Divine intervention certainly isn't a new concept, but it doesn't usually involve this much sunlight.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 12% chance to deal 10% damage; Extra 50% damage if A Light in the Darkness is cast; Extra 700% damage against Shadow Elf raids; Extra 600% damage against Elite raids
  • Wolpertinger Venom
    The salesman assures you this is legitimate Wolpertinger venom extracted fresh this morning and absolutely, under no circumstances, is it simply a mixture of manticore, snake and basilisk venom. Definitely Wolpertinger.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 20% chance to deal 15% damage; Extra 70% damage for each of the following Magics owned: Death Echo, Deadly Strike; Extra 100% damage if Wolpertinger Venom is owned; Extra 30% damage for each of the following Magics owned: Lesser Poison, Poison, Greater Poison, Assassin's Delight, Manticore Venom
  • Disintegrate
    "One must wonder at the fundamental nature of matter. Of the cosmos themselves. Magic is as keen a tool as can be imagined, and yet when I have used the arcane forces to pull substances apart into ever smaller constituents there seems always to be finer elements making them up. Down and down, into what? Animate, inanimate, always the same. Of these particulates which compose us I can find no fundament." -- Faustus
    Attacks by any raid member have a 9% chance to deal 300% damage; Extra 200% damage for each of the following owned: Volcanic Enigma, Celestial Enigma and High Seas Enigma; Extra 400% damage against Festival raids
  • Guzzlebeard's Special Reserve
    Guzzlebeard is famously known across all of West Kruna as one of the finest dwarven brewers around. Many travel incredible distances and pay hefty sums for a mere sip of his finest, most reserved casks. The potency of his brews can often double as a useful, albeit costly explosive weapon.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 10% chance to deal 100% damage; Extra 5% damage for each Dwarf Troop or General owned; Extra 400% damage against Underground raids; Extra 300% damage if A Light in the Darkness is cast
  • Divine Intervention
    When all that remains of Tor'gyyl are shards of rock hurtling through the endless void of space. When the gods grow old and leave all corners of this place as but distant memories. Whiteman shall remain. Holding a ceaseless vigil over the infinite domain that became as much a part of him as he of it.
    Each raid member inflicts 50% bonus damage on every attack; Extra 1% damage for every 3 different Magics owned



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