Active Players

AmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. Level
Platform names62,8733,52200121,072246
7 levels in the last week5663,5998064,8293103,3013103,301
30 levels in the last 30 days6593,1828384,7193393,0213393,021
1 level in the last week1,0953,1221,6593,9135272,9155272,915
4 levels in the last 30 days1,3712,8201,8803,7856242,7176242,717
1 level in the last 30 days1,7812,4342,1743,5977042,6177042,617
no levels in the last 30 days78,7032709,5041,3889,1037639,103763
opted out31,7532435,3191,5614,5138804,513880

People only turn up if they have a raid shared to world chat or if their platform username is added here.

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