Also known as Dragizzi on kongregate

Level 2122(Luminary)

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Miffins Manly Men2018-04-05 16:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-04-02 06:16now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-29 19:51now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-26 09:17now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-22 22:51now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-19 12:25now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-16 01:49now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-12 15:23now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-09 04:50now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-05 18:21now
Miffins Manly Men2018-03-02 07:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-26 21:16now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-23 10:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-20 00:17now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-16 13:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-13 03:25now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-09 16:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-06 06:17now
Miffins Manly Men2018-02-02 19:55now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-30 09:16now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-26 22:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-23 12:17now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-20 01:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-16 15:17now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-13 04:47now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-09 18:17now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-06 07:48now
Miffins Manly Men2018-01-02 21:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-30 10:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-27 00:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-23 14:03now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-20 03:21now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-13 06:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-09 19:49now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-06 09:20now
Miffins Manly Men2017-12-02 22:51now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-29 12:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-26 01:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-22 15:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-19 04:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-15 18:16now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-12 07:46now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-08 21:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-05 10:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-11-02 00:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-29 13:46now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-26 03:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-22 16:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-19 06:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-15 19:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-12 09:16now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-08 22:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-05 12:20now
Miffins Manly Men2017-10-02 01:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-28 15:16now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-25 04:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-21 18:24now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-18 07:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-14 21:16now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-13 17:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-12 14:16now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-11 10:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-10 07:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-06 20:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-09-03 10:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-30 23:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-27 13:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-24 02:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-20 16:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-17 05:46now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-13 19:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-10 08:57now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-06 22:25now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-03 11:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-02 08:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-01 16:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-08-01 01:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-31 10:04now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-30 18:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-30 02:55now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-29 18:38now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-29 10:22now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-29 01:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-28 17:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-28 09:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-28 01:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-27 16:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-27 08:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-26 23:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-26 13:31now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-26 04:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-25 16:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-22 06:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-18 19:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-15 09:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-11 22:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-08 12:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-05 01:34now
Miffins Manly Men2017-07-01 15:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-28 04:35now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-27 01:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-25 21:38now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-24 18:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-23 14:33now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-20 04:13now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-19 00:42now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-17 21:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-16 17:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-15 14:03now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-12 03:39now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-11 00:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-09 20:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-08 17:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-07 13:33now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-04 03:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-02 23:33now
Miffins Manly Men2017-06-01 20:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-31 16:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-30 13:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-29 21:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-29 06:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-28 14:33now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-27 11:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-26 19:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-26 04:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-25 12:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-24 21:03now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-24 05:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-23 23:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-23 16:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-23 10:16now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-23 03:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-22 21:32now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-22 15:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-22 09:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-22 02:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-21 21:05now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-21 14:36now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-21 08:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-21 02:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-20 20:03now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-20 13:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-20 07:33now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-20 01:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-19 19:02now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-19 12:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-19 06:34now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-19 00:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-18 18:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-18 12:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-18 06:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-18 00:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-17 18:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-17 06:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-16 22:33now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-16 14:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-16 04:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-15 21:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-15 14:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-15 07:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-15 00:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-14 17:19now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-14 10:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-14 03:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-13 20:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-13 14:18now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-13 07:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-13 01:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-12 18:48now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-12 12:17now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-12 05:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-11 22:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-11 15:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-11 08:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-11 01:47now
Miffins Manly Men2017-05-10 18:48now
Aura Knights2017-05-10 10:36now
Aura Knights2017-05-10 02:18now
Aura Knights2017-02-14 11:44now
[Sytem:Guildless]2017-02-04 01:352017-02-14 11:44
Aura Knights2015-01-04 16:192017-02-04 01:35


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Hold Your BreathMaster of the SeaSpeedboatFrozen AssetsBankruptHeavy PouchesDeep PocketsFire SalePrevailing WindsSpeed of the JaguarDetermination of the SlothMan the OarsLair of the BeastOf Scales and CoinsAgainst All OddsNot A Moment To LoseTiring OnslaughtHindered CampaignCourage of the EagleAgainst the GiantsLast Place You LookedHellraiserDon't Eat ItMan the BucketsSight Beyond SightSet Fire to the RainWe Didn't Start the FireLight My FireCitadel WarriorConcrete JungleIt's a Jungle Out ThereUnder a Blue Jungle MoonCrash Test DummyAbominable ShowmanAwoken and BrokenWelcome to the JungleAlphabet JungleRing of FireBurn, Baby, Burn!Once Was Lost...Hearts of BronzeThe Slayer SlainAquatic SupremacyGrin and Bear ItGourd Damn ItSinister StoriesI SeeThis Land Is My LandAll Roads Lead...Sunset for the SonsVampires Don't SparkleThe Quick and the DeadRain of BloodRubber StakesByron Doesn't CountGo to HellCitadel ChampionJammed the PreservesRaiding PartyLet it SnowSpellbreakGiant Metal ManStop Drop and RollWhen the Magic DiedThe Tiny Ship Was TossedSMASH!Bad DreamWake Up CallThere's a Giant in My SoupLeviathanPrehistoric PredationGet the TablesDon't Look BackCitadel HeroBest Party in TownSlaughter in the WaterRight Twice a DayMolten MassacreBow Down to the QueenSecrets in the SnowOff the Shoulders of GiantsNaval WarfareThe Cusp of ForeverBlood ScreamsGet the Hell OutEvil ElixirsAbyssal EnforcerLord of the ListsBulwark of West KrunaDestroyerRisk TakerPlanetaryPrudentSpendthriftPopularShark-Fin SoupEnergeticEnduringSeeker of LegendsSkirmisherTraining DummyDuelistAmong the DeadDemon-SlayerDefender of FallowsWarrior and AdventurerFrom Farmhand to SaviorQuadruple KillMaster of the ArenaRocked the RocMy PreciousesIf the Shoe Fits...FashionableWarm HandsVaried VestmentsMany FacesAmbidextrousMaster at ArmsNo More WalkingBe PreparedKiller of the Kobold ChiefEyes of the BeastDeath Amongst the MushroomsDjinn and TonicBug BasherHarpy HunterModern Day HeroIrresistible ForceSlayer of the Black WormCombined ArmsColossusGorilla WarThree Blind EyesHorsing AroundMauling the ManticorePrince of Pumpkin Night...and Broke His CrownHit the Road, JackAve Victor!Woken by RissaBugger OffEight Enter...Cave Caracallam!Fangs for the MemoriesI Love Books...No Sex Please, We're KrunanQwil KillBeneath Strange SkiesA Hero for the KingdomHer Last DuelChasing a DreamSlayer in the LairBurning Down the HouseFive Finger Death CountBreaker of the Bronze ManBlob BursterSilver BulletSnake EyesBlood on the SnowGreater DestinySupreme CommanderSpellbook ScribeUnderground AvengerSupreme SlaughterCrazy Like a FoxFlower PowerCatch of the DayThis Little Piggie...Anna's AvengerBetter than a DreamWhite Wyrm, Red BloodAntagonistBraving the Ban HammerJeers of the Crowd

Missing Achievements

You Win Or You DieYou Did The MashYeti KillerWrestle ManiacsWinterwallWinners Don't Use AlchemyWhere Wolf? (Elite)Where Wolf?What're You Looking At?Wexx on, Wexx offWeird ScienceWeedeaterWedding HellsWanderlustVolley'd and Thunder'dVenerunt, Viderunt, ViceruntUnhammeredTreehuggerTossing and TurningThrow A Nuke ThroughThreads of the PastThorn In My SideThis Land Is Your LandThirteenth!They Came from the SeaThe Right Tools for the JobThe Harder They FallThe Biggest StormThat's DeepTangling with the TerrorTake the SkySuper Scorpion SmasherStop Hitting YourselfSquatter's RightsSpeak UpSoul SurvivorSonsetSo Much for StarlaSnowball FightSneaky AdventureSing AlongShip All Banged UpShadowy NopeShadow WarriorServant of ShadowSerpent SlayerSculptorScorpion SmasherSaving the WorldRunning the AsylumRoland and the TigerRide the LightningRiddle Me This... Remember the TitansRed and GreenRecurring DreamRavager of the Red DrakePuppet-JitsuProdigalPray for PreyPitch BlackParty's OverParty CrasherOverrunOut of Your MindOut for the CountessOh BrotherOf Warriors and ShadowNobodyNo Time for NightmaresNaughty ListMusic in My HeadMosquito NetMetal Zombie MasterMaster of IllusionsMaster AdventurerMake WayMagic AdventureLumberjackLullabyeLucid DreamingLong Live the KingLion TamerLaw of the AxeLancedKing of StatuesKill MeeeeeKick the HiveKasanJungle BoogieJolly Happy SoulJoin the ClubIs Anyone There?Into the WoodImpaling the ImpalerIf...I Don't Get ItHunters' AdventureHoly AdventureHerbicideHellhound HackerHeart MenderHe's Dead!Hardboiled HeroHand of JusticeGreyscaledGreed is GoodGreat Balls of FireFungicideFour Arms BadFoundFool's GoldFirst Come, First ServeErakka CrackerEndurance of the LlamaEmerald TwilightEmerald GashElite UnhammeredElite TreehuggerElite Thirteenth!Elite That's DeepElite Recurring DreamsElite Pray for PreyElite Party CrasherElite Once Was Lost...Elite Mosquito NetElite Make WayElite LightningElite Four Arms BadElite Emerald TwilightElite CucurbitaElite Crab MalletElite Clear EyesElite Clear and Present DangerElite Bugger OffElite Aquatic SupremacyElite Alas, Poor Cedric!Ebon BanditryDustedDoor BusterDisownedDiplomatDefrost SettingDecapitatorDeanimatorDeadly Metal ManDeadly LullabyeDeadly Killer of the Kobold ChiefDeadly Ebon BanditryDark Corners of the WorldCrab MalletClosing TimeClear EyesClear and Present DangerCleanserChivalrous AdventureCalamariBump in the NightBronze Man's BurdenBroken BatBottled UpBoot CampBone Dragon BreakerBlades in the DarkBig Game HunterBestiarius MaximusBeseigerBatrachian BloodbathBack to SchoolAstrapios!AstraphobiaAnger ManagementAll Those Horrible LegsAlas, Poor Cedric!AlakazamAir Freshener

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