Engines of War

Also known as Engines of War

Detailed data of the Raid number 27091667.

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Engines of War

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Shared 2018-05-30 10:55
Summoner Noth
Health 17.895b/1.200t
Difficulty Nightmare
Members 51/800
Types Siege


  • Raise Dead
    Anyone can make the decision to take a life, real power lies in deciding to give it back.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 10% chance to deal 200% damage; Extra 100% damage if Raise Dead is owned; Extra 100% damage against Demon and Dragon raids
  • Guster's Fault
    "Sorry, sorry! Augh, crap. I'll pay for tha-- whoops! Oh no, no no no no WATCH OUT! Sorry, I'm sorry!" -- Guster
    A hit by any raid member has a 20% chance to Blame Guster. When Guster is blamed, there is a 40% chance to cause 250% bonus damage, a 30% chance that there will be a tussle, causing 300% bonus damage to the raid but deal 5x the normal damage to the player, a scaled chance (1% on 1x, 5% on 5x, and 20% on 20x) for Guster to offer you Box of Guilt as an apology, and a scaled chance (29% on 1x, 25% on 5x, and 10% on 20x) Guster will offer you a canned but sarcastic apology.
  • Blessing of Mathala
    "Your men are dead, Commander. The fighters among them routed and the cowards run down like the vermin they were," the knight said, and the voice below the helmet was heavy. Tired. His foe knelt in a circle of limbs and gore, the charnel that she had made of his soldiers. Her breathing was heavy and pained, and the shafts of the arrows in her side shifted with each labored gasp. Her eyes remained downcast. "You held fast, you fought well, but you're spent. It's time to answer for the men your blade took from me today. Have you any last words to offer this world?" He hefted his bloodied axe, held it high. The neck of his defeated foe lay bare below. The Commander spit blood, raised her face, and smiled. "I'll be right back," she said. The axe fell.
    (Removed each time the Chalua Gauntlet is summoned) Attacks by any raid member have a 13% chance to deal 850% damage; Extra 100% damage if you own Blessing of Mathala; Extra 50% damage if Aureate Gauntlet Trophy is owned; Extra 20% damage if Argent Gauntlet Trophy is owned; Extra 5% damage if Bronzed Gauntlet Trophy is owned; Increases the number of items received from all loot rarity tiers by 3 (This effect does not stack with other Magics)
  • Weightlessness
    Most fortresses have tall walls, some dozens of feet thick. They have stone foundations to prevent digging crews and moats to keep besiegers at bay. Few have ceilings.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 10% chance to deal 100% damage; Extra 100% damage if Weightlessness is owned; Extra 200% damage against Siege raids
  • Gag Gift
    Gifting someone an exploding rune seemed like a hilarious prank until you realized you were giving said gift to an Ogre. This realization set in a little too late into the process unfortunately.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 5% chance to deal 700% damage; Extra 100% damage if Gag Gift is owned
  • Wolpertinger Venom
    The salesman assures you this is legitimate Wolpertinger venom extracted fresh this morning and absolutely, under no circumstances, is it simply a mixture of manticore, snake and basilisk venom. Definitely Wolpertinger.
    Attacks by any raid member have a 20% chance to deal 15% damage; Extra 70% damage for each of the following Magics owned: Death Echo, Deadly Strike; Extra 100% damage if Wolpertinger Venom is owned; Extra 30% damage for each of the following Magics owned: Lesser Poison, Poison, Greater Poison, Assassin's Delight, Manticore Venom
  • Flame Serpent
    "Burning souls and fiery wails, Rise and heed my desperate hails, Incinerate my foes and unburden your souls, Upon distant knolls the eternal bell tolls, And the hour of fire is close at hand."
    Arracks by any raid member have a 15% chance to deal 250% damage; Extra 200% damage if Flame Serpent is owned; Increases critical hit chance against Deadly raids by 2%



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