Active Players

AmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. Level
Platform names62,8223,52200111,072246
7 levels in the last week8183,2371,2454,0963403,5973403,597
30 levels in the last 30 days9003,1161,2684,1354143,2404143,240
1 level in the last week1,3162,9612,0473,5675183,2905183,290
4 levels in the last 30 days1,5412,7422,2653,4496632,8046632,804
1 level in the last 30 days1,8862,4682,5393,2967492,6327492,632
no levels in the last 30 days78,1772629,0181,3498,6887558,688755
opted out32,9881893,8821,3273,5556933,555693

People only turn up if they have a raid shared to world chat or if their platform username is added here.

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