Chance for Raid completion


NameAll TimeMonthWeek
Chieftain Horgrak1h 12m 43s100.00%3,175--%0--%0
Ataxes1h 11m 28s100.00%5,584--%0--%0
Briareus the Butcher1h 9m 47s100.00%6,353--%0--%0
Bloodmane1h 14m 40s99.99%6,798--%0--%0
Ironclad1h 13m 10s99.98%6,010--%0--%0
Gunnar the Berserk1h 17m 27s100.00%5,234--%0--%0
Maraak the Impaler1h 15m 8s100.00%4,762--%0--%0
Hargamesh1h 15m 59s100.00%4,345--%0--%0
Dragon's Lair1h 18m 24s99.97%7,762--%0--%0
Countess Serpina1h 33m 16s100.00%2,775--%0--%0
Krugnug1h 51m 10s100.00%4,851--%0--%0
Thaltherda1h 37m 15s100.00%3,648--%0--%0
Fog Of Wars2h 9m 56s99.96%2,381--%0--%0
Nereidon the Sea Slayer2h 1m 57s100.00%2,120--%0--%0
Mestr Rekkr Rematch1h 57m 49s100.00%547--%0--%0
Ghostly Alchemist2h 5m 7s99.84%621--%0--%0
Master Ninja Bakku2h 8m 46s99.52%414--%0--%0
Valtrias2h 55m 3s99.73%1,472--%0--%0
Bad Blood3h 17m 26s99.83%1,162--%0--%0
Aberrant Strength Potion8h 36m 39s100.00%2--%0--%0
Elite Butcher2h 22m 1s99.90%1,051--%0--%0
Elite Caster2h 12m 8s100.00%1,004--%0--%0
Elite Undead Warrior2h 47m 5s99.89%928--%0--%0
Frost the Snow Dragon1h 17m 11s100.00%1,014--%0--%0
Unholy Rite1h 47m 39s100.00%1--%0--%0
Bloodsuckers3h 59m 21s98.71%542--%0--%0
Elite Bloodsuckers4h 16m 35s99.64%279--%0--%0
Elite Slitherer2h 2m 45s99.89%898--%0--%0
The Sight of Solus2h 12m 49s99.92%1,223--%0--%0


NameAll TimeMonthWeek
Mazalu1h 12m 30s100.00%8,760--%0--%0
Bloody Alice1h 12m 34s100.00%8,504--%0--%0
Scylla1h 16m 57s99.99%7,369--%0--%0
Deathglare3h 45m 15s100.00%1--%0--%0
Kerberos1h 18m 57s99.99%6,803--%0--%0
Zombie Horde1h 17m 44s100.00%5,614--%0--%0
Nidhogg1h 21m 50s100.00%4,556--%0--%0
Erakka-Sak1h 22m 14s100.00%4,242--%0--%0
Headmaster Grimsly1h 19m 31s99.95%3,876--%0--%0
Tisiphone the Vengeful1h 39m 49s100.00%206--%0--%0
Tomb Gargole2h 39m 39s99.97%3,778--%0--%0
The Baroness1h 16m 10s100.00%3,455--%0--%0
Hurkus2h 41m 26s100.00%1,300--%0--%0
Fog Of Wars2h 54m 4s100.00%1,479--%0--%0
General Korxun3h 20m 52s100.00%940--%0--%0
Drunken Ragunt2h 9m 46s100.00%497--%0--%0
Shadow5h 23m 57s100.00%1,535--%0--%0
Rudaru the Axe Master3h 53m 32s99.82%557--%0--%0
Doppelganger4h 37m 14s100.00%620--%0--%0
Elite Killers7h 43m 33s99.29%987--%0--%0
Elite Whispers7h 54m 47s99.36%1,096--%0--%0
Yule Punishment Bearer3h 43m 9s100.00%361--%0--%0
Damned Shade7h 18m 28s100.00%824--%0--%0
Ascendant's Echo5h 14m 32s99.80%508--%0--%0
Dryads of the Dark Wood1h 15m 49s100.00%61--%0--%0


NameAll TimeMonthWeek
General Grune1h 19m 52s100.00%9,439--%0--%0
Lurking Horror1h 23m 33s99.99%7,746--%0--%0
Gravlok1h 28m 20s100.00%6,337--%0--%0
Hydra1h 28m 55s99.98%5,878--%0--%0
Scuttlegore42m 33s100.00%1--%0--%0
Stein1h 28m 54s100.00%4,911--%0--%0
Kang-Gsod1h 34m 25s100.00%3,881--%0--%0
Wexxa the Worm-Tamer1h 29m 36s99.97%3,412--%0--%0
Rift the Mauler1h 23m 38s100.00%3,157--%0--%0
Krasgore9m 17s100.00%1--%0--%0
Xessus of the Grim Wood2h 9m 54s100.00%1--%0--%0
Malchar the Tri-Eyed26m 46s100.00%1--%0--%0
Leonine4h 30m 32s99.80%2,548--%0--%0
Teremarthu4h 24m 36s99.87%1,580--%0--%0
Salome the Seductress2h 13m 22s100.00%1--%0--%0
Z'ralk'thalat4h 29m 6s100.00%820--%0--%0
Malleus3h 13m 51s100.00%579--%0--%0
Fog Of Wars2h 52m 21s99.93%1,367--%0--%0
Drulcharus2h 35m 7s100.00%906--%0--%0
Gigantomachy10h 56m 5s99.86%1,448--%0--%0
Green Killers1h 52m 30s100.00%62--%0--%0
Yule Present Bearer3h 51m 29s100.00%164--%0--%0
Blood Dancer14h 1m 26s99.44%535--%0--%0
Elite Murderer15h 57m 49s98.65%812--%0--%0
Elite Riders19h 44m 42s98.56%831--%0--%0
Qwiladrian Sporeforms11h 32m 8s100.00%334--%0--%0
The Thaw of Elvigar15h 59m 27s98.76%161--%0--%0
Lord Hoton the Usurper1d 4h 43m 54s97.82%367--%0--%0
Swarm12h 57m 4s99.69%1,931--%0--%0
Bloodsuckers5h 37m 2s99.96%2,547--%0--%0
Soldier Ants6h 40m 3s99.87%2,315--%0--%0
Initiates of the Abyss13h 28m 52s99.18%613--%0--%0
Elite Initiates14h 13m 3s99.73%371--%0--%0


NameAll TimeMonthWeek
Erebus1h 31m 37s100.00%8,606--%0--%0
Tainted Erebus1h 32m 30s99.97%3,264--%0--%0
Sir Cai1h 51m 8s100.00%6,808--%0--%0
Bogstench2h 51m 56s99.96%4,786--%0--%0
Ulfrik2h 5m 37s100.00%4,033--%0--%0
Euphronios4h 25m 12s100.00%1--%0--%0
Guilbert the Mad2h 9m 26s100.00%3,326--%0--%0
Sisters of the Song2h 21m 43s100.00%2,867--%0--%0
Mesyra the Watcher2h 14m 30s99.88%2,411--%0--%0
Nimrod the Hunter2h 26m 10s100.00%2,044--%0--%0
Phaedra the Deceiver2h 28m 52s99.90%1,927--%0--%0
Jack1h 51m 17s99.95%1,990--%0--%0
Jack's Revenge2h 39m 9s100.00%840--%0--%0
Centurion Marius11h 10m 16s100.00%1,338--%0--%0
Frogmen-Assassins9h 37m 54s99.79%933--%0--%0
Burbata the Spine-Crusher1h 28m 50s99.86%721--%0--%0
Yydian's Sanctuary6h 19m 16s100.00%564--%0--%0
Shaar the Reaver7h 14m 9s100.00%384--%0--%0
Rannveig2h 1m 25s100.00%269--%0--%0
AP Minizone Raid3h 2m 59s100.00%456--%0--%0
Valley of Death5h 18m99.58%240--%0--%0
Murgrux the Mangler3h 18m 15s100.00%112--%0--%0
The Bog Bodies2h 34m 2s100.00%1--%0--%0
Marble Colossus8h 52m 56s100.00%212--%0--%0
Elite Mangler19h 36m 22s96.89%676--%0--%0
Elite Malleus18h 47m 30s97.81%867--%0--%0
The Haunted Forest6h 51m100.00%218--%0--%0
Qwiladrian Stormship1d 11h 45m 31s98.99%395--%0--%0
Jershan'thurn's Portal22h 52m 52s100.00%268--%0--%0
Odious Pods10h 23m 40s99.52%208--%0--%0
Reaper Mantis19h 43m 23s98.41%314--%0--%0
Elite Reaper21h 43m94.74%95--%0--%0
Soldier Ants3h 36m 52s100.00%3--%0--%0
Hullbore Wyrms56m 53s92.31%13--%0--%0
Satyr Party Crashers5h 23m 25s100.00%167--%0--%0


NameAll TimeMonthWeek
Tyranthius2h 16m 16s99.97%7,933--%0--%0
Nalagarst2h 13m 39s99.95%5,688--%0--%0
Kalaxia the Far-Seer2h 11m 16s99.95%4,395--%0--%0
Bellarius the Guardian2h 22m 6s99.94%3,557--%0--%0
Mardachus the Destroyer2h 20m 56s99.96%2,774--%0--%0
Tenebra the Shadow-Mistress3h 4m 10s100.00%2,305--%0--%0
Valanazes the Gold3h 24m100.00%2,359--%0--%0
Rhalmarius the Despoiler9h 30m 24s100.00%1--%0--%0
Caracalla1d 4h 21m 54s99.66%1,187--%0--%0
Count Siculus' Phantom1h 53m 14s100.00%1,524--%0--%0
Ruzzik the Slayer2d 5h 8m 57s100.00%380--%0--%0
Fog Of Wars1d 18h 54m 29s99.81%540--%0--%0
Vortex Abomination1d 11h 7m 22s99.69%324--%0--%0
Xerkara14h 46m 59s100.00%432--%0--%0
Kr'xunara of the Bloody Waves9h 9m 42s99.67%299--%0--%0
Clockwork Dragon7h 25m 8s100.00%308--%0--%0
Hellemental1d 10h 43m 9s100.00%449--%0--%0
kanehuar Yachu1d 4h 21m 10s98.28%58--%0--%0
Karkata20h 32m 58s100.00%315--%0--%0
Thratu's Abomination23h 55m 18s100.00%215--%0--%0
Way Warden2d 8h 12m 23s99.52%209--%0--%0
Vineborn Behemoth1d 1h 54m 49s100.00%154--%0--%0
Badland Ambusher19h 4m 20s100.00%77--%0--%0
Prison of Fear1d 6h 9m 33s96.24%905--%0--%0
Elite Lady Cecile23h 48m 15s97.17%812--%0--%0
The Frozen Spire1d 17h 51m 28s97.03%236--%0--%0
Elite Devourer5h 2m 55s100.00%1--%0--%0
Elite Karkata16h 47m 19s97.87%797--%0--%0
Engine of the Ancients1d 7h 52m 12s98.36%244--%0--%0
Beastman Stampede23h 18m 10s99.31%144--%0--%0


NameAll TimeMonthWeek
Imryx the Incinerator22h 20m 24s99.84%609--%0--%0
Trekex's Amphibious Assault1d 20h 7m 28s100.00%492--%0--%0
Gataalli Huxac3d 13h 47m 55s95.83%24--%0--%0
Engines of War3d 22h 42m 22s96.21%132--%0--%0
Corrupted Wilds4d 1h 25m 13s94.79%211--%0--%0
Draconic Dreams2d 17m 27s98.58%776--%0--%0
Horthania the Grey1d 12h 17m 29s99.60%505--%0--%0
Jormungan the Sea-Storm20h 29m 22s99.64%3,068--%0--%0
Euryino, The Fifth Terror2d 20m 12s98.23%453--%0--%0
Grotesque Hybrid20h 43m 3s99.69%638--%0--%0
Red Snow23h 20m 19s99.60%503--%0--%0
Drakontos, The First Terror15h 42m 1s100.00%856--%0--%0

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