Known Members

Creations Epic (Level 0)



Former Members

NameLevelClasscurrent Guild
10Kaplangucu 1075 Luminary Barracuda's Groupies
BeholdPeons 2 Peon [Sytem:Guildless]
Chesempot 298 Champion [Sytem:Guildless]
HeroicSpot 1 Peon [Sytem:Guildless]
HoneyBee 517 Realm-Walker [Sytem:Guildless]
Kaplan 1 Peon [Sytem:Guildless]
LadyCeciLe 7 Adventurer [Sytem:Guildless]
Name1 6 Adventurer Dragon's of War
Name2 7 Adventurer [Sytem:Guildless]
Name3 6 Adventurer [Sytem:Guildless]
qwe 1 Peon [Sytem:Guildless]
RagnarOK 118 Champion Dragon's of War

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