Active Players

AmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. Level
Platform names62,7933,52200111,072246
7 levels in the last week7833,3891,1544,0993513,6553513,655
30 levels in the last 30 days8652,9881,1994,0523943,1723943,172
1 level in the last week1,2893,0042,0643,4965113,2885113,288
4 levels in the last 30 days1,6242,5832,2503,4276922,6636922,663
1 level in the last 30 days1,9492,3622,5323,2828122,4758122,475
no levels in the last 30 days77,9792618,9581,3438,5227558,522755
opted out27,7994553,8861,5273,1728823,172882

People only turn up if they have a raid shared to world chat or if their platform username is added here.

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