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AmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. LevelAmountAvg. Level
Platform names62,9043,52200121,072246
7 levels in the last week3533,9276704,8991673,8731673,873
30 levels in the last 30 days4663,5467734,6752493,2382493,238
1 level in the last week8623,3991,4854,0703503,6283503,628
4 levels in the last 30 days1,0213,2041,6913,9604753,1324753,132
1 level in the last 30 days1,3153,0241,9573,7905952,9175952,917
no levels in the last 30 days79,3582789,8001,4299,3867759,386775
opted out30,6172635,7891,4975,0708595,070859

People only turn up if they have a raid shared to world chat or if their platform username is added here.

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