Known Members

Moon Brigade (Level 10)



Former Members

NameLevelClasscurrent Guild
Aldobrandini 395 Champion Hell's Belles
Barberini 429 Champion Hell's Belles
Borghese 442 Champion -Konoha-
Borgia 386 Champion Hell's Belles
Borremeo 369 Champion Hell's Belles
Chigi 483 World-Strider Gods of Valhalla
Colonna 367 World-Strider Hell's Belles
darkmini 618 Realm-Walker Hell's Belles
DARKMOON 14858 Demigod Gods of Valhalla
darkstar 390 World-Strider Hell's Belles
Drunk 675 Realm-Walker -Konoha-
Farnese 382 Champion Hell's Belles
GoldFish 2069 Luminary Barracuda's Groupies
Grenell 604 Warmaster -Konoha-
Grumpy 626 Realm-Walker -Konoha-
LootBox 821 Realm-Walker [Sytem:Guildless]
minimoon 1378 Luminary Hell's Belles
moonbean 318 World-Strider [Sytem:Guildless]
mooncamp 424 World-Strider [Sytem:Guildless]
moonshine 454 World-Strider Hell's Belles
moonstone 436 World-Strider [Sytem:Guildless]
Odinsbabe 712 Warmaster Gods of Valhalla

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